Stand Together: SYaTP 2018

by Cailin Lyons, Vet Assistant, junior

So many have a need to express themselves somehow, whether it be through our looks, personality, or actions; some show themselves through what they believe in because that’s who they are and that’s how they express themselves.  Perhaps this is why some feel it’s important to participate in See You at the Pole? For many, it’s a way to express themselves with others who won’t judge them for their beliefs but who will accept them and understand. See you at the pole (SYATP) can be as much as someone wanting to change how we see the world and how we could change it for the better. For me?  I wanted to be there for other people and pray for them.

Others agree.  “I think it was a great start to the day. It was a great moment for everyone to come together and pray as a group,” reflects Christian Seinkner, Auto Tech senior. “It feels good to say your prayers out loud with a group of people who support me and won’t judge.”

Some use the opportunity to gather at the pole as a way to pray for the ones who were lost in the past year or just to pray in general for events that have happened all over the world. They use See You at the Pole as a way to cope with situations, to  pray for the world, and to express themselves with others who won’t judge.

“SYaTP means so much more than some people think. You can pray for blessings in life or tough times where prayer will help,” states Brianna McCollums, Vet Assistant senior.

This year, SYaTP was a little more personal.  Brianna reflects, “This year see you at the Pole meant a lot more to me because our school has recently lost an amazing, sweet, kind, caring, and loving teacher, Mr. Sperdute. So I asked for God to take care of Mr. Sperdute; it’s good to know that he’s in Heaven looking over us, too!  See you at the Pole is an amazing event and I encourage everyone to try it once.”

So many things happen in this world today, SYaTP is something for others to not only get away from the horrible things but also to pray for deliverance. SYaTP is there to comfort people and to make everything feel okay.  And even though, in that moment, some may not feel comfort by themselves, there are others who are standing with them. SYaTP is an event that should serve as a starting point for future student supports, and we now know who will stand there beside us.