Program of Study: Automotive Technology

CIP Code: 47.0604


This course in automotive mechanics is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to service and repair automotive equipment and to develop skills in the use of tools, service and diagnostic equipment. It is intended to provide the automotive industry with young men and women who are familiar with all phases of automotive construction, design, operation, and trouble shooting. Students are taught proper attitudes and to respect and to cooperate with fellow workers. Safe working habits are emphasized.

First Year Program:

  • During the first year, emphasis is placed on fundamentals, basic instruction, and theories of operation
  • Proper use of hand tools, power tools, precision measuring instruments
  • Instruction in wheel alignment, brakes, steering, and suspension
  • Instruction in gas engine fundamentals

Second Year Program:

  • Continuation of gas engine fundamentals
  • Diesel engine fundamentals
  • Electrical system diagnosis

Third Year Program:

  • Review of previous skills learned
  • State inspection program
  • Co-op opportunity