Students are instructed in areas from tool use, with a strong emphasis on safety, through every facet of exterior and interior construction.

Units covered:

  • Floor framing
  • Wall framing
  • Program safety
  • Roof coverings
  • Window and door installations
  • Exterior siding and trim
  • Interior finishes
  • Interior trim
  • Kitchen installations
  • Insulation
  • Site selection and layout


  • Students considering a career in carpentry should possess good math skills, physical agility and coordination, a good sense of balance, and no fear of heights.

Community Involvement:

  • Students work in the community - some past projects students contributed to are: Cascade Park and Union.

Career Information:

  • Upon completion of the three-year program, students are entry-level ready for the carpentry field, which at this time is experiencing an extreme shortage of skilled workers. Students are also able to pursue post-secondary education.