Dual Enrollment

Lawrence County high school sophomores, juniors, & seniors. Keep scrolling down for more information about how you can earn college credit classes through Butler County Community College at LCCTC!

Classes run for 15 weeks and are scheduled before, during, or after the school day or on Saturday. Syllabi and instructional materials are the same as classes taught at BC3.


  • Sophomores - 3.25

  • Juniors - 3.00

  • Seniors - 2.75

(1 high school credit & 3 college credits: 5 periods a week)

The cost of tuition will be determined by the sponsoring college within the classroom/dual enrollment program.

Check out the courses offered at LCCTC:

DE ANCIENT HISTORY (first college semester):

A survey of the political, social, and cultural development of the Middle East, Greece, Rome, and Byzantine Empire, the beginnings of Islam, and the early Middle Ages, this course considers Western Heritage from 3000 B.C. to 800 A.D. Senior Students, who earn the opportunity to participate in the college Dual Enrollment program, are afforded a unique scenario allowing them to transcend the typical high school experience! The program is the perfect transition that many of today’s students require to prepare them for real world college placement. It serves as the ideal stepping stone to future academic engagement and success! To be able to achieve college credits—before their foot even hits the stage at graduation—imbues the students with a joy and honor of accomplishment that creates true lifelong learners!


DE MATH 100 - Intermediate Algebra (first college semester):

This course is the study of real numbers and operations with polynomials. Other topics include linear equations and inequalities, systems of equations in two variables, solving equations by factoring, exponents, complex numbers, the quadratic formula, and rational equations

Additional Prerequisites: Students must score high enough on a college placement exam.

DE MATH 101 - College Algebra (2nd college semester):

This course is a study of college algebra. Topics in this course include the real number system, exponents and radicals, relations and functions, linear and quadratic functions, inequalities, complex numbers, theory of equations, systems of equations, and the remainder and factor theorems.

Additional Prerequisites: Students must score high enough on a college placement exam.


DE SPEECH (first college semester):

Everybody is a public speaker. Maybe you’re delivering a corporate presentation or interviewing for a new job. Maybe you’re a teacher lecturing students or a citizen addressing a neighborhood association. Perhaps you’re simply giving a toast at your best friend’s wedding. Whatever the situation, being able to speak in public is essential to success. This course examines these functions and methods in contemporary public speaking through preparation of effectively organized ideas and dynamic verbal interpretation. The student is given opportunities to develop proper speaking habits, effective listening techniques standards of criticism, and awareness of ethical responsibilities of a speaker.

For more information, please contact LCCTC:

(724) 658-3583 ext. 7101