Student Tribute: Transforming Lives Award: Ms. Price, RT Instructor

By Jessalyn Kray, RT Class of 2019

Restaurant Trades Instructor, Ms. Price, recently won an award for transforming the lives at LCCTC.  Sponsored by The Lawrence County Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation, the Transforming Lives award is self-explanatory.  The very definition of a hard worker, not only does Ms. Price work very hard at teaching, but while she works at Steel City Bar and Grill after school, she also spends her spare time studying at Clarion University, working to earn her teaching degree..  

It is clear that Ms. Price is an inspiration to her students.  Senior Carra Rockwell shares this about her ability to teach -- even after only two years on the job:  “She's very informative about cooking and how the kitchen works.”

Senior Jessalyn Kray agrees and adds, “She goes above and beyond to help her students -- even sometimes helping them to find good jobs.”

"Chef Price has helped and inspired me in many ways,” states senior Riley Leonard.  “She has always listened and is able to make it so everybody can understand and flourish in the culinary industry.”  

Leonard continues, “She's such an amazing teacher to have and someone I’m able to look up to."

Even her incoming class can already tell her passion is a combination of cooking and teaching at LCCTC, the fruits of which can be tasted already in the incredibly delectable smell of cookies baking that hangs in the air.

Each year, she continues to help in the community at the Senior Expo -- showing off the serving and bussing skills of her new students.

It is easy to see why she won the award for Transforming Lives; ever since she stepped foot in the Restaurant Trades kitchen at LCCTC,  she has worked hard to transform her students from barely able to boil water to ones who may someday grace the studio of The Iron Chef, an acclaimed chef the world’s best restaurant, or simply the king or queen of his or her own home kitchen.

She works one to one or she work with everyone as whole to make sure everyone has a chance to become their very best; she never makes any student in her shop feel rejected or neglected.

We are pleased to honor Ms. Price -- clearly deserving of the award and inspiring to her students and staff at LCCTC.