Welcome to Our "Home"

by Sarah Odom and Tim Porada

On the evening of October 4th, parents and guardians gathered at Lawrence County CTC (LCCTC) to greet the shop and academic course instructors.

Although school has only been in session for a few weeks, so much has already been learned; this opportunity gave our loved ones an understanding of what takes place at LCCTC.

For many parents, it was a return to their own alma mater, in some cases — to meet with the very same teachers who offered instruction a generation ago and walk the hallways they once called their “home away from home.”

The ultimate goal: to astonish with the progress already made in the shops and classrooms. A bonus: parents and guardians will come to understand our schedules and see how we go about our days; it’s just one more way to make an all-important connection between school and home.

All-in-all at LCCTC Open House, our parents have the chance to meet our amazing teachers and staff here at LCCTC. Also the teachers and staff get a chance to impress our parents by blowing them away with the knowledge they have passed on to us, be over the course of just one month or many more.

Carolyn McVickerOdom, Porada, CA, COT, Cos, HA, CM, MTT, EO, AT, CR, Wel