Eagle Spirit: SkillsUSA Spirit Week

by Eagle Staff

Monday: We can barely open our eyes to find something to wear, let alone find something that matches! Well — never fear! Monday is MISMATCHED DAY!

Tuesday: They say that the more time you spend with another person, the more alike they start to look. On Tuesday, this is even MORE true because Tuesday is TWIN DAY!

Wednesday: Bring your dollar! It’s COSTUME DAY! All right — let’s have some fun today! …but let’s stay within the rules.

  • #1. Your costume must be school appropriate. If you think, “I wonder if I should wear this?” or “I wonder if I should include this?” You already know the answer to your question: “NO.”

  • #2. Your teacher must be able to clearly identify you: This means no masks and no complete face paint. Again, if you start to question, “I wonder if I should…” You know that answer: “NO.”

Thursday: Get your groove on; it’s TIE DIE DAY!

Friday: Bring another dollar and join in the fun! It’s HAT/SWEATPANTS DAY! Let’s see if you can get creative with those hats! And remember: Yoga pants are NOT sweatpants!

Remember: Use the hashtag #SkillsUSALCCTCEagles All proceeds go toward the LCCTC Chapter of SkillsUSA.

Click below for pictures from the week!