"Turning Type 1 into Type None": JDRF Ziti Fundraiser

by the Eagle Staff

  • What: Ziti Dinner Fundraiser/Chinese Auction

  • When: Sunday, November 4th 1 PM-5 PM

  • Where: Lawrence County CTC Cafeteria, 750 Phelps Way, New Castle, PA

  • Why: to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Eat breakfast? Gotta’ check your blood sugar levels. Lunch time? Listen to someone say, “You can’t eat that!” and prick your finger again. Paper cut? May as well check your sugar. Our favorite “murse” (male nurse) knows a little about this. When he was only five years old, he found himself looking at the sharp end of a needle thirteen times each day: five shots and eight blood sugar checks! Mr. Pavia knows that living with diabetes is a full-time job, but he’s looking forward to the day when type 1 diabetes is but a memory.

With this in mind, Mr. Pavia has made it a goal to raise money and awareness to juvenile diabetes. In September of this year, Mr. Pavia formed “Team Pavia” and joined the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JRDF) “One Walk” at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. To date, teams participating in this one-day, two-mile event have raised $563,857! Mr. Pavia isn’t satisfied with this progress; he won’t stop his quest until juvenile diabetes has been completely vanquished.

This Sunday, November 4th from 1PM - 5PM at the Lawrence County CTC, Mr. Pavia and his family have put together a Ziti Dinner Fundraiser! The Pavia family will prepare the meal, and Mr. Pavia’s Health Assistant students from LCCTC will be on hand to help. 100% of all proceeds will go to the JDRF.

If you haven’t yet purchased a ticket, that’s okay; you can purchase one at the door! Adults are $10 and kids (under 10) are $5; children under five are free! There will be a Chinese Auction, as well. Can’t stay to eat? That’s okay; takeout will be available.

But if you can, do stay; not ignoring the purpose: to also bring awareness — at 1:30 PM Mr. Pavia will share his story, present the advancements of the JDRF, and recognize the juvenile diabetics in attendance. Additionally, his good friend Joey Cowart, head football coach of the New Castle Hurricanes and fellow diabetic, will also speak.

Although this will be the final JDRF event for the year, you can be sure that Mr. Pavia will continue the fight into he’s able to help turn “Type 1 into Type None.”

(The pictures below are from JDRF “One Walk”; check back for pictures from the event.)