A Tradition of Excellence

by Noah Jackson ~ COT Class of 2019

This summer, we celebrate four graduates whose essays qualified them for the LCCTC Scholarship. The money they earned can help them take that next step toward for their forever careers by paying for tuition, pay for books, or purchase resources needed to go straight into the workforce. Here is the first of four prize-winning essays:

For over 50 years, Lawrence County CTC has existed. Over those years, tens of thousands have attended and graduated; my own junior year fell on the 50th anniversary, and considering this tradition of excellence has really helped me put things into perspective.

I realized that my friends and I had fully distinct experiences here, making it difficult to say precisely “What I got from LCCTC.” Exit interviews, NOCTI Exams, certifications, mock interviews, shop work, essay writing — these are all done in the name of giving us experience and valuable skills we may need later in life. This is where the beauty of a vocational school lies. Having academic and vocational classes in one building has greatly benefited me. I feel that I am work-force ready. I am ready for further training. I am ready to “adult.” I am ready to live my life.

I’m proud to have been a part of this tradition of excellence.