SkillsUSA National Competitors Fully Funded for Family Dinners!

Have you heard the great news?

One of the many highlights of their journey to Louisville, KY to compete is the opportunity to participate in “Family Dinners,” and thanks to the generosity of family, friends, and anonymous donors, this will happen. the campaign “Family Dinners for National Competitors,” HAS BEEN FULLY-FUNDED!

We first instituted the idea of having “Family Dinners” four years ago when the LCCTC National Competitors sat down to eat dinner together on the first night — so far away from home. The phones came out, and the heads were glued to the screens. With the exception of sharing a Snapchat post or a Facebook meme, there was almost no talking -- little chance to truly get to know one another.

The advisers quickly put a stop to this: "Okay -- earbuds out, and phones, screen down, in the middle of the table." You should have seen the looks on the faces of the kids — pure disbelief, but within five minutes, they were talking, laughing, and interacting -- with no electronic devices in sight; they soon began to each other’s company -- face to face! It was wonderful!

This year, the competitors will be able to continue this tradition at SkillsUSA Nationals as they sit together at a table to share a hot meal, relax, and interact — all without technology!

Representing Pennsylvania SkillsUSA, LCCTC, and their family and friends are the following 2019 competitors:

  • This is Devin Dilling's first time competing at the national level. As a three-year Welding Sculpture competitor, she has mastered the art of welding, portfolio assembly, and interview skills. After Nationals, Devin, a 2019 graduate, plans to continue working until she can enter the Steamfitter’s Union in the fall.

  • The Opening and Closing team has brought home state gold for four years in a row. For Riley Leonard, Gianna Bochert, Alyssa Wilson, Trenton Yale, Jaden Locke, Shelby Keister, and Tabby Zang— theirs is a teamwork and oral presentation contest.

  • For Brandon Bright, this is his first year in SkillsUSA. Already an accomplished Certified Nursing Assistant as a junior, his Health Occupations Portfolio competition includes creating a portfolio of his accomplishments, presenting his work experiences with a visual aid, and interviewing -- much like he might for a job.

The team from LCCTC and advisers are completely overwhelmed with the news of being fully funded for Family Dinners. When the kids received the news, their reactions were a mixture of ecstatic happiness and joy-filled tears. It truly means so much to them to have the generous support of family, friends, and anonymous donors, and they are excited to enjoy "family dinners" so far away from home as they compete at SkillsUSA Nationals.

So from these nine highly-skilled SkillsUSA students, their advisers, and LCCTC, we say:“THANK YOU!” All of your support truly means so much and they promise to do their very best to make you proud!