2019 Shop Games

What better activity to demonstrate teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving, and accuracy — all skills that make kids career ready — than shop games!

This year, students competed in Human Hungry Hungry Hippos, Egg Race, Three-Legged Race, Eggs in a Basket, and the Sack Race.

Excitement filled the air as the teams entered the gym and the cheers grew to a deafening roar at the end of each event!

It’s not every day to see teenagers putting themselves out there to compete in front of the entire school, but each team gave it their all and had loads of fun while they competed for the top prize — the ability to keep The Golden Eagle (and, of course, bragging rights) for the year.

Who will take the trophy from Welding shop? Will the welders keep the Golden Eagle for another year? We’ll all find out tomorrow during announcements… Stay tuned!!

UPDATE: Congratulations goes to Machine Tool Tech and Auto Tech for the win!