SWPB End of the Year Picnic

The end of the year picnics just keep getting better and better!!!

This afternoon, Mother Nature sprinkled a healthy dose of cheer to 176 LCCTC students, free of disciplinary write-ups for the ENTIRE year. Yes -- you heard it right...discipline-free...no write-ups...GOOD...no -- GREAT KIDS! 

As part of the School Wide Positive Behavior initiative, these students were invited to attend a picnic lunch, participate in plenty of outdoor games in a music-filled atmosphere, a pinata (created by cosmetology) a chance for luck in winning one of 40 gift cards, and a new Nintendo Switch.

There was also a "Wack for a Warrior" car organized by Peer Leadership -- Yes, kids got a chance to release frustrations by taking a wack at the car with a sledgehammer — 3 hits for $1 or 10 for $5..  Organized by the Peer Leaders, LCCTC was able to raise donations for the Wounded Warrior project.  Special thanks goes to Wallace Towing for donating the car to further wreck.

"It's always our pleasure to recognize and honor our best students for doing what they should; it’s our way of thanking them," states Principal Milanovich.  "We hope they had a wonderful time at the picnic.”

Congratulations to Lucas Pennachio who won the Nintendo Switch!

As a school, we all thank Mr. Orelli and the SWPB team for all they do to recognize our students for "making good choices" and "doing the right thing” because we are “here, we’re ready, we’re respectful, and we are safe.”