Bump-Up Day 2019

Every year — there is eager anticipation in the spring. It’s when we get to meet the new students who decide to make our school THEIR school. It’s “Bump-Up Day!”

This year, Bump-Up Day is on May 29th from 8:10 - 2:40.

Students from LCCTC’s Class of 2023 will spend the day in their new shop and will get to meet the current students and their new teacher. They will attend an assembly, learn more about their new school, and receive their very first spirit-wear t-shirt!

We look forward to meeting all of the new students who have been accepted to our school and, in advance, we welcome you to LCCTC!

If you would like to attend LCCTC next year, but have not yet signed up for the Bump-Up event, please call (724) 658 - 3583 ext. 7104 and be sure to tell us your t-shirt size!