"New" Opportunity: VA Visits Cal U

The Vet Assistant shop had an opportunity to see the world beyond LCCTC’s classroom as they boarded the bus to travel to California University. Nestled just below Pittsburgh about 1 1/2 hours away, the VA students soon learned that this beautiful campus has a lot to offer — especially for their field of choice!

Cal U’s Vet Tech students may follow a two-year track for an associate’s degree; they might also select to follow a four-year bachelor’s degree. Cal U plans to complete a brand-new state-of-the art building to fully house their Vet Tech program by the end of the year, but what the students saw of even the older building impressed them. They also enjoyed a tour of the fitness center which includes indoor balcony track, massive weight and cardio rooms, and a pool and spa that could rival any top-of-the-line athletic facility. They enjoyed a trip around the student union which includes an impressive array of food-court options and student success centers. They were also able to see what a typical dorm room might look like — two to a room with an attached private bath. Many students’ eyes gleamed with this opportunity to pursue a higher education in this home-away-from-home.

And the best part? LCCTC VA students are already well on their way to making this post-secondary track a real possibility. With a VA NOCTI score of 80 or more, articulation agreements help to shave off time spent in a campus classroom. LCCTC students may also choose to take advantage of Dual-Enrollment courses in English, math and history — add these opportunities together, and students could become a Vulcan with a total of 15 credits (the equivalent of 5 college courses — and entire semester’s worth) already under their belts!

We’d wish our LCCTC VA students loads of luck as they continue their studies in this exciting field, but they may not need it — As they strolled through the pristine grounds of the campus quad, for good luck, they all touched the hammer held by the 12-foot bronze statue of the Roman God Vulcan.

To learn more about the VT program, click here: CalU.Edu