You Never Know Until You Try: Locke Gathers Scholarship Monies

by Jaden Locke & edited by Tabatha Zang

LCCTC Computer and Office Technology senior Jaden Locke was awarded $15,500 in scholarships to Pittsburgh Technical College where she will begin classes in the fall for Information Technology. Yesterday, Kiley from PTC was present to present one of those scholarships for Jaden’s active three-year membership in SkillsUSA.

These scholarships include: Early Admittance for $500, the STEM Scholarship for $4,000, the Academic Achievement Scholarship for $5,000, and the High School Club Scholarship (for being an active member of SkillsUSA) for $6,000. In total, she has received around $15,500 in scholarships toward her first year.

The Early Admittance scholarship process was fairly simple. Simply applying and paying a tuition deposit to the college gives a future student the chance to get the scholarship. “Because I chose a technology degree,” states Jaden Locke, “I was eligible for the STEM scholarship.”

The Academic Achievement scholarship was awarded to me because I have a grade point average of 3.79 -- above the required 3.5 GPA. The High School Club scholarship application was trickier. This required proof of active membership, a letter of recommendation, and a 150-word summary of your career interests, ambitions, and related work experience.

“Because I am an active member of SkillsUSA, I chose to try for the scholarship thinking I would never get it; but with a little effort, I now have six-thousand dollars LESS that I’ll need to spend toward my education!”  Jaden continues to advise future college applicants: “You never know until you try!”