HA's Blood Drive Goal: 75 Donors

by Jessalyn Kray, RT senior

The Health Assistant Shop has set a goal to gather seventy-five donors during their annual spring Blood Drive sponsored by Vitalant (formerly the Central Blood Bank) on May 14th — and they only have 15 more donors to go to reach that goal!

The dedicated students have been busy with their work with his is their 3rd on this year and they are hoping to have enough sign ups to quality for a scholarship through Vitalant. Every potential donor counts toward the scholarship goal, so make sure you sign up! The Vitalant Scholarship goes to help defray the costs of paying for certifications for Health Assistant students.

“We promise, it won’t hurt — just a little pinch, but the benefits are worth it,” laughs Caryn Brandes, student coordinator for the drive. And the benefits? One donor can save three lives, and each donor gets an incentive: perhaps a t-shirt, a beanie, or maybe a pop socket. In advance, we’d like to thank the students of Restaurant Trades for helping with the post-donation snacks: homemade pizza and cookies!

“As a senior, I have helped a lot with the past blood drives,”Caryn smiles, “so I feel confident to answer questions and encourage as many as possible to sign up. As high school students, we have the opportunity to help our friends develop a generous habit of donating blood hoping to inspire others to become life-long donors.”

Currently, Caryn works as a Certified Nurse Aid at the Haven; she plans on attending LPN classes through the Lenape LPN school at the LCCTC site. “It is my goal to continue working in health care,” she shares. “Eventually, I’d like to work at Children’s Hospital.”

If you have any questions ask the student coordinator of the blood drive Caryn Brandes or the HA teachers Mr. Pavia and Mrs. O'Donnell.