Campus Cleanup 2019: Conservation Club Gives Back

by the Eagle Staff

One of the goals of LCCTC’s Conservation Club is to “foster a … respectful ethic towards game, land, and ecology.” With that motto in mind, we can certainly be proud of our Conservation Club members today; they served our LCCTC family well. The 2019 Campus Cleanup event was a great success!

Deciding to take advantage of the warmest day of the year to date, twenty CC members took to the campus grounds, bags and gloves in hand, and quickly went to cleaning up the yard and surrounding areas near our school. With a mind of stewardship, these students understood the importance of picking up limbs that might break mowing equipment; with a great pride in our school, these students would not stand for accumulating trash that might blow in or the intentional practice of unscrupulous dumping on our property. Our school is no place for such garbage.

All the while, students enjoyed the first breath of fresh air while completing a service project to benefit our LCCTC community, and they had a little fun while they worked! See the pictures below:

The result? Conservation Club students filled several bags of garbage, gathered stack upon stack of sticks several feet high, and rolled almost thirty tires off of our school grounds to be stored in a proper place for future removal.

Thank you for your hard work and mindful service Conservation Club! Great job to all !