CA Works of Art to be Featured at the Confluence

by The Eagle Staff

Show your support for our Commercial Art students who are exhibiting work in this years Lawrence County Art Exhibition sponsored by the Hoyt; click on The Confluence for more information and directions.

Incredible works of art are all boxed up and delivered for the show. These students worked very hard to make sure their work was not only of top quality but also prepared for professional exhibition by matting, mounting and framing each piece.

The show will run for two months from March 28-May 23. We encourage everyone to try and make the opening reception on March 28 when awards will be presented.

It just so happens the reception starts one hour before our shop OAC dinner, so why not stop by have some snacks, support our kids, and then head to the dinner?

Works submitted:

  1. Misty Jones, “Calamary”, Grade 11, LCCTC

  2. Misty Jones, “Robin”, Grade 11, LCCTC

  3. Grayson Corbin, “The Doc”, Grade 11, LCCTC

  4. Grayson Corbin, “The Vandala”, Grade 11, LCCTC

  5. Alyssa Lamenza, “Frustration”, Grade 11, LCCTC

  6. Nevada Grannis, “T.ф.P”, Grade 10, LCCTC

  7. Sabrina Macri, “Portrait Study”, Grade 10, LCCTC

  8. Zoey Galat, “Vans”, Grade 10, LCCTC

  9. Zoey Galat, “Spaced Out”, Grade 10, LCCTC

  10. Alan Petrangeli, “Sandra Bullock”, Grade 12, LCCTC

  11. Alan Petrangeli, “Untitled”, Grade 12, LCCTC

  12. Gaige Mclaren, “Sarah Smiles”, Grade 12, LCCTC

  13. Shy Rutherford, “YouTubers”, Grade 12, LCCTC

  14. Audrey Gallentine, “Fortune Dragon”, Grade 12, LCCTC

  15. Audrey Gallentine, “Saturn’s Alien”, Grade 12, LCCTC

We hope to see you there! Check out the poster below for more information:

Carolyn McVickerCA, Hoyt, Art Show