Penny Wars and Tech & Trade Trees

by Eagle Staff

Penny Wars are on at LCCTC!

The brainchild of Kasiah Gilmore and her team of Peer Leaders, the rules are pretty simple: each shop was given a tree to decorate, but here’s the candy-cane twist: 80% of the decorations need to be shop-related. The creativity abounded! Adorning the trees are hand-crafted ornaments with paint and bent metal; garlands of marshmallows, hair curlers, and a tool-belt; metal bolt snowflakes and motorcycles; a mini-oil-rig and a tree-patient complete with crutches; and ornaments made of nail clippers, sandpaper snowmen, outlets, and CDs.

So how do they win? Well — each tree is truly worthy of recognition, but there’s another way that will help others in the Give a Christmas initiative and spread a little LCCTC Holiday Cheer while we do it.

Penny and dollar donations raise a score. Silver coins lowers a score. Students can “sabotage” rival shops by adding silver to their opponent’s jars.

Pennies and bills add to a score. Every penny is worth one point, and $1 = 100 points, $5 = 500 points, $10 = 1,000 points, and so on.

To “sabotage” a rival jar, simply add silver coins: a nickel subtracts five points, a dime subracts points, and a quarter subtracts twenty-five points

The shop with the most points WINS!  

All proceeds benefit our Give a Christmas initiative to help students in need. Alumni, feel free to drop off a donation at the front office. Just be sure to mark which shop you’d like to support! And that’s it!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 — Now we start the Penny War!

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