Pride and Promise Awardees: November 2018: Christopher Ward and Mrs. Donna Pasterik

NOVEMBER 2018: Christopher Ward, senior Computer and Office Technology student took the initiative to reorganize all of the network cables in the Computer & Office Technology and Commercial Arts program labs.  Chris took on this huge responsibility because he knew that the computer lab cables were a trip hazard, looked unprofessional, and slowed down network operations.  Chris is a leader and problem solver, who knew he could get the job done.

As you will see from the before and after photos, it is evident that the wiring needed attention.  As you can imagine, it also took someone with knowledge, skill, determination, and patience. Chris exhibits all of these positive traits and many more.  

Chris did similar work over the summer at Union High School, Neshannock High School, Pro Tech Security, and Northship IT.  Additionally, Chris has a passion for helping his community.  He has been a volunteer firefighter for Neshannock Township for the past year and a half. Also, Chris and another COT senior, Jaden Locke, volunteered to help as IT support at the Healthcare Career Fair at the Cathedral.

In the COT program at LCCTC, Chris earned several industry certifications.  He recently earned the TestOut Network Pro Certification, where he scored in the top 40% nationally.  The TestOut Network Pro certification tests a person’s ability to work as an entry-level IT network professional.  Students gain the knowledge and skills they need to install, configure, and maintain a network for a small business.  Some other certifications that Chris earned include: TestOut PC Pro, Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016, Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint 2016 and the Internet and Computing Core GS5. Chris is currently working on earning the TestOut Client Pro Certification.

Chris received acceptance to Pittsburgh Technical College, in the Information Technology program.  He will begin his post-secondary education and training in the fall of 2019. We wish Chris the best in his career pursuits and thank him for organizing the COT & CA network wiring.

NOVEMBER 2018: Hard work is often always rewarded.  With most activities, in order to achieve success, it takes drive and dedication to the task at hand, and Mrs. Pasterik is someone who has never backed down from a challenge!

Recently, Mrs. Pasterik received recognition for being an adviser of the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)!

While this award from NTHS is significant, it is the love from her students that is most impressive.

Mrs. Pasterik was a founding member of the Chapter here at the LCCTC. As the rigor of the school adjusted, she has been instrumental in raising expectations  Today, the Lawrence County Chapter of NTHS looks for students with a GPA 3.5 or higher, outstanding attendance, and great vocational and academic attitude.

When asked how long she wants to continue to inspire and lead the students in NTSH, she replies with a smile, “I’m hoping to continue as the adviser until I retire, and I’m not quite ready to do that.”  This truly demonstrates her commitment to encouraging academic, vocational, and personal success -- a commitment that has truly raised the bar for hundreds graduates and current students throughout the year!

Mrs. Pasterik says, “My advice to all students is work hard and to strive for that goal. If you make NTHS, that’s a feather in your cap, but if you don’t, that’s okay -- you are doing things that will make you your very best self in the end, and for that we are still proud of you!”  

An extremely hard-working teacher who is always willing to help the student body at the LCCTC, Mrs. Pasterik is an incredible educator.  We can be confident that Mrs. Pasterik will continue to work hard and make sure that the students she inspires on a day-to-day basis become the amazing students she know we can be! Congratulations on the recognition of your service to the National Technical Honor Society. Tonight, we recognize you for the Pride and Promise Award.

Carolyn McVickerComment