Sweet Treats: Cooking Club

by Alyssa Wilson, Cos junior

Each Thursday at the Lawrence County CTC, the students gather for activity period.  There are all sorts of various clubs -- anything from Adult Coloring Club to Kooky Karaoke to Yoga! However, of all the available clubs, cooking club is said to be most relaxing!

In Cooking Club, students actually want to take a break from their cell phones and interact with each other.  “I’m here because it’s fun to get hands-on with food and experiment with flavors,” states Mollie Rader, Cos senior.  “It makes me want to put down my phone, participate in the lesson, and interact with others. It’s relaxing to focus on something more!”  

Cooking Club also features usable life-skills that will help students long after they graduate!  In addition to lessons on how to make delicious treats, students also learn how to cook safely -- to keep a clean environment.  Cassidy Reich says, “Before this club, I only knew how to make Ramen Noodles; now I think I can make a Thanksgiving feast!”  Though a bit of a hyperbolic statement, Cassidy could probably assist with a side-dish or two.

For those lucky enough to fill the available spots in this club, Cooking Club does have a lot to offer including the chance to interact with others and grow more confident in their abilities to wow with delicious treats!