2019 Hall of Fame Inductee: Mr. James Kreshon

Mr. James Kreshon — a veteran, a salesman, a teacher, and a principal.

After graduating from Beaver Falls, James enrolled in Geneva College. He left school and joined the Marines. Following his years of service in the Marine Corp, he enrolled at YSU, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Merchandising and Advertisement. While working as a salesman for Babcock and Wilcox he became interested in Distributive Education. Jim enrolled at Pitt and earned his Master’s Degree.

He proudly served the LCVT in several capacities from 1969-1998. Jim wore several hats at LCVT as the Distributive Education Teacher when the program had multiple teachers and over 100 students and later as the cooperative education teacher connecting his students with great jobs. Following graduate classes at Westminster College and attainment of his administrative and guidance credentials, James was promoted to assistant principal. Following Mr. Zarone’s retirement, Jim was promoted to principal, a position he held until his retirement in 1998.

Jim enjoyed the students and believed in the school that gave many students a second chance. He saw the pride the students had in their school and in their shops, and even when he sees his students today, their pride of their experience at LCVT shows as they thank Mr. Kreshon for all he did to help them become their very best. Many of his students are proud to say that they have worked in their trade of choice since graduation.

Today, Jim lives in Ellwood City. He and his wife Connie have 2 children: their son, James — a doctor; their daughter, Laura (Kreshon) Long, a pharmacist. The Kreshons enjoy spending time with their 5 grandchildren.

Carolyn McVicker