Building 21st Century Skills: Chromebooks Come to LCCTC

This year at LCCTC, students are building technical skills grounded in academics and theory — all with the help of Chromebooks!

What makes this new technology so great?

  1. Chromebooks take a bite out of the budget! The use of paper and toner is down, already — saving money. Many resources are available online, so hard-copy resources are typically not needed. With careful planning and thoughtful budgeting, LCCTC has been able to successfully acquire enough Chromebooks for every academic student. This frees up our labs so that our vocational students can utilize the computer labs for their theory time, as well.

  2. Chromebooks make access to resources easy! As we progress, materials from our classrooms will be able to become available to our students any time — anywhere! This means that our students can take any extra time they need to complete assignments, work on projects, or conduct research — even if they are at home! It also means that they can dig deeper into our subjects, raising the rigor of instruction; the sky’s the limit! In order to ensure that our students may graduate and be fully prepared for a post-secondary education and ready to compete in our global economy, the district’s goal is to provide a learning environment that integrates today’s digital tools, fosters critical thinking and problem solving, and encourages students to work collaboratively in team environments.

  3. Chromebooks help prepare our students to be job-ready! Most of our students have access to technology through their phones, but the professional world asks for more than the ability to text for answers. According to a study by Stanford University, having access to Chromebooks in the classroom helps students “instill effective work habits early on in a student's academic career.” Chromebooks help prepare students with essential digital literacy skills needed to compete in a global workforce

  4. Chromebooks help differentiate instruction. Students interact with “course material that accommodate[s] different learning styles in ways that traditional curriculum cannot.” This helps teachers easily differentiate materials so students can achieve. This type of learning environment may consist of a blended approach of traditional teaching techniques and digital learning. Students will take greater control of their own learning and teachers will mentor them through this process. Teachers can quickly supply interventions for struggling students because, quite often, they can program the technology to quickly and efficiently check papers. Without even walking to the copy machine, teachers can supply supplementary materials for further practice in a more efficient manner.

  5. With Chromebooks, students can become even more engaged in learning. As instructors share new finds and best practices, their lessons will assist students to take a more active role as they acquire new materials.

The generosity of the Joint Operating Committee in approving this purchase sends the message to our students that, as they strive to become even more college and career-ready, you support them in their quest to become their very best.

We continue to thank the JOC and the board members of our sending districts for your support!

Carolyn McVicker