Jump Start on My Career

by Bridget Allen, Cosmetology Class of 2019

At Lawrence County CTC, we learn so much more than the “three Rs” — the reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. Thankfully, I have learned a skill so I can get a jump start on a great career without having to pay a dime toward a post-secondary school! I am beyond grateful that I was able to attend such an amazing and helpful school.

Cosmetology has always been a passion of mine; I love everything about skin-care, nails, makeup, and chemical services. It was wonderful being able to go to a school and truly have fun learning. In the third semester of my sophomore year, I began my education at LCCTC not knowing if I would be able to get all of my hours because of my late start, but I have succeeded by having great attendance and working hard outside of the classroom to achieve this goal.

I am now able to get my cosmetology license when I graduate; if I stayed at my home school, I would need to attend a beauty school for nine months and pay for that education — around twenty-thousand dollars! That’s a pretty large chunk of change! Attending LCCTC has saved me so much money, but even better — I was able to get a great education and learn a skill that I love!

I have made so many great memories here at LCCTC. The teachers and staff are all so kind and helpful; they really want to see us succeed, so I was able to get the guidance I needed any time I wanted it — even some times when I didn’t ask for it!. This has made me want to do my best to succeed. The way the instruction is delivered, I feel that I have been able to do so much better in my academic classes. I have made incredible friends here, too who have truly valued their experiences here.

I wish that every student would consider a path that leads to career and technical education. I’m sure glad I chose to study at LCCTC!