"Family Dinners" for National Champions: DonorsChoose.Org Fundraising Campaign

SkillsUSA at LCCTC has had such a phenomenal year. The competitors have really stepped up their game in so many ways and now, knowing that nine will travel to SkillsUSA National Championships — it’s simply amazing.

There are so many well-wishes from family and friends; so many have also commented that they would like to show their support for these skilled kiddos in some tangible way. With the help of Donors Choose, we have figured it out — through supporting us with keeping our tradition of enjoying a daily “Family Dinner”!

Just what is a FAMILY DINNER? In a nutshell it is this: “Earbuds out, and phones, screen down, in the middle of the table…

Four years ago, the first time the SkillsUSA advisers said this to the national competitors from LCCTC, the kids looked at us like we had three heads, but about five minutes later (and with a slight amount of whining on their parts, at first), the kids were soon engaging with each other — laughing, talking, sharing — face-to-face and not face to screen! Soon — for each dinner, we simply called out, “Family Dinner!” and the kids knew what to expect and the phones were piled like a pyramid centerpiece. By the end of the week, they didn’t need the prompt — they knew what was expected; phones were in the middle without a reminder. An unexpected result: more importantly, they truly enjoyed this un-plugged time together. Ever since, it has become just part of who we are and what we do!

With this in mind, we would like to continue this tradition.

We have created a Donors Choose campaign to raise money toward ensuring the kids have at least one hot meal, together, at a table each day (because of scheduling, breakfasts and lunches will be grab and go back at the hotel). During this time, LCCTC’s SkillsUSA National Competitors also pledge to make our dinners “Family Dinners” — unplugged, without technology.

Would you like to be a part of this? It’s easy. Simply CLICK ON THIS LINK and follow the instructions: DonorsChoose.Org; the campaign is called “Family Dinners for National Champions”.

Every little bit helps us meet our goal, and in advance, we thank you!

BONUS: Use promo code LIFTOFF at checkout and your donations will be doubled up to $50 for the next 7 days (until Memorial Day, May 27th)!