Representative Sainato Congratulates SkillsUSA and Medalists 2019

Thank you, Representative Chris Sainato, for taking time from your busy day to enjoy a bit of sunshine with our SkillsUSA competitors!

It really means a lot for you to pass on some words of wisdom — there there ARE jobs out there, but so many companies are looking for SKILLED EMPLOYEES. At LCCTC and in SkillsUSA, it is our goal to make sure we train students to be “Job-Ready Day One” because we realize that “Career-Ready Starts HERE!”

Thank you, also for recognizing those students who traveled on to state competition and for cheering on our state gold-medalists! Our national competitors will continue to do our best make you, our school, and the citizens of Lawrence County proud as we travel to Louisville, Kentucky at the end of June!

#WeAreRising #LCCTCEagles