Congratulations 2019 NTHS Inductees!

LCCTC proudly awarded twenty-two students for their academic and technical achievements. Going above and beyond, these students have demonstrated outstanding performance in the following seven virtues:

  • Responsibility → being accountable for your own actions

  • Scholarship → mastering academic and theory

  • Skill → developing a talent and expertise gained by experience

  • Honesty →  being considered truthful, trustworthy, and fair

  • Citizenship → acting in ways which benefit both community and country

  • Leadership → leading and guiding others in a positive directions

  • Service → giving assistance and being ready to provide a helpful and useful act

National Technical Honor Society strives to bring well deserved recognition, scholarship opportunities, and career opportunities to students who excel in their career and technical educational fields as their profession.” Tabatha Zang, inducted in her sophomore year, remembers that she was so happy to know how proud her mother and father were. As a senior, Tabatha now realizes that all of the hard work to maintain this membership has been worth it.

"Not only do NTHS students embody all the attributes and talent which is in demand today, these students also embrace a clear vision for tomorrow’s workforce and their role in it." 

“Being in NTHS helped me to earn a scholarship to Pittsburgh Technical College,” proclaims Jessalyn Kray, RT senior. Next year, Jessalyn will study Hospitality and Restaurant Management; the academic and vocational work ethic she has maintained through out her time here at LCCTC will surely assist her in this endeavor. At LCCTC, our NTHS students are ready for tomorrow.

We would like to congratulate the following students:

AT ~ Devin Dittmer

CA ~ Sheyanne Rutherford

COS ~ Bridgett Allen, Caitlyn Ball, Claire Brandes. Amelia Hogue, and Shelby Keister

CT  ~ Adam Georgia and Andrew Shaffer

COT ~ Noah Jackson and Christopher Ward

EO ~ Benjamin Sanderbeck

HA ~ Emily Barron and Katie Dillen

O&G  ~ Emily Miller andJames Sellers

RT ~ Elizabeth Edinger

VA ~ Aliya Graham, Haliegh Lee, Cailin Lyons, Caitlin Ritter, and Linsey Watson

WELD ~ Andrew Minteer and Tyler Wehman