2019 Senior Superlatives

The class has voted, and here are the results:

Class Song: “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco

Senior Flowers: Sunflowers

Senior Incentive Choice: Cedar Point

  • Teacher’s Pet: Devin Dittmer & Caryn Brandes

  • Worst Case of Senioritis: Noah Skelley, Heather Burns, and April Boots

  • Best Sense of Humor: Jake Ponziani, Stormy Fiello, and Joey Pletz

  • Best Personality: Calvin Lample and Riley Leonard

  • Most Reliable: Josh Sturgill and sierra Knight

  • Senior Who Changed the Most: Madison Ritter

  • Quietist: Noah Jackson and Kaelyn Blakley

  • Most Talkative: Noah James and Saleen Birckbichler

  • Biggest Flirt: Devin Dittmer and Saleen Birckbichler

  • Prettiest Smile: Jake Ponziani and Jessica Kelly

  • Best Eyebrows: Bridget Allen

  • Most Considerate: Riley Leonard and Mackenzie Nye

  • Worst Car: Josh Sturgill

  • Best Truck: Jake Ponziani

  • Worst Truck: Eugene Hake

  • Most Likely to be Late: Nate Vellone and Heather Burns

  • Most Likely to Wish They were Still In School: Haliegh Lee

  • Best Dressed: Aaron Dilling and Joey Pletz

  • Most Fun: Tyler Simmons and Mollie Rader

  • Most Likely to Become a Farmer: Josh Sturgill and Jessica Kelly

  • Best School Spirit: Trenton Yale and Tabatha Zang

  • The Person Who Always Needs a Ride: Tomiann McCowin

  • Most Talented Artist: Gage McClaren

  • Most Dramatic: Heather Burns and Sierra Knight

  • Friendliest: Mackenzie Nye

  • Best Athlete: Matt Fuller and Shelby Keister

  • Cutest Couple: Joey Pletz and Christian Seinkner