SWPB Cinema Incentive

On Jan. 25th, the School Wide Positive Behavior Movie Field Trip took place at the Westgate Cinemas in New Castle.

Eighty-four students were able to attend; they were able to choose between to movies: Aquaman or Glass. These students had no referrals for that 9 week period which made them eligible.

In a special deal with our friends at Westgate Cinemas, each student paid $7.00 for the opportunity, and what did they get in return? A movie, a drink, and popcorn!

The purpose of SWPB trips is to encourage excellent behavior in our LCCTC students, and the teachers and staff can see that it works!

Students: Keep an eye out for the next SWPB trip!! It’s right around the corner! When the weather starts to warm, we have more great trips in mind for you! At the end of the year, you might even be eligible to attend the end-of-the-year picnic!

“The work for work well-done is the opportunity to do more!” ~ Jonas Salk

Carolyn McVickerSWPB