RISE Career Day 2019

In every job, it was stressed that a lot of hard work is needed to prepare for your career, and sometimes — that means putting in the time to get a skill in order to land that job. On February 7th, Lawrence County CTC RISE program invited representatives from trade unions, technical schools, post secondary schools, and the military to provide post-secondary options to its students.

Some learned of the requirements needed to get into the union and the opportunities it offers. Students could weigh the options offered with a four-year degree vs. a streamlined education found at a trade school as they learned about the different programs offered at trade schools and universities; suggestions were given so students could begin to afford this post-secondary education. For students not interested in a union, trade schools, or formal college education, a career in the military may be a viable option!

All of these post-graduation options were addressed at the RISE Career Day 2019.

There were numerous takeaways from the RISE Career Day presentations; here’s what a few of our students had to say:

  • “There is a skills gap,” quotes Trenton Yale, senior Masonry/Carpentry student, “and schools like New Castle School of Trades has programs that can help fill that gap.”

  • “NCST offers both day and night classes; I like the flexibility they offer!” Emily Miller, junior Gas and Oil student.

  • “I’d like to work in Web Design and Development,” said Alyssa Lamenza, junior Commercial Art, “ and I learned that Pittsburgh Technical Center offers this training.”

  • “I never really thought about it, but truck driving may interest me,” Larry Morini, junior Gas and Oil. “I already know a lot about the Oil and Gas field, and a knowledge in both fields may be a great career direction for me!”

  • Corrin Clouston, sophomore Health Assistant student says, “Jameson UPMC has a program worth considering. They also have a network where I can select a job I’m interested in and, once I finish my studies, I can continue working here in Western PA.”

  • Gianna Bochert, junior Veterinary Assistant reflects, “After attending the Penn State presentation, I now have an idea of not only what I want to do; I also know what I need to do to get there. They have a great animal science program; I could couple that with a business degree and be set!”

Lawrence County CTC and the RISE Team would like to thank the following presenters for taking time to help us consider our post-secondary options:

  • United States Army

  • Butler County Community College

  • Finishing Trades Institute of Western PA Trade Unions

  • Keystone Mountain Lakes: Brotherhood of Carpenters

  • Laurel Technical Institute

  • Precision Manufacturing Institute

  • Lawrence County Emergency Medical Service

  • Lenape Practical Nursing

  • New Castle School of Trades

  • Penn State University

  • Pittsburgh Technical College

  • UPMC Jameson

  • Westminster College

Carolyn McVickerRISE, Career Day