LCCTC Teachers Gather at County-Wide Ed Camp

While LCCTC students enjoyed a spring-like day-off on Friday, February 15th, their teachers gathered with hundreds of other secondary educators at the 2nd Annual Lawrence County Ed Camp.

Our very own Mrs. Tiffany Vanasco joined with educators from each county school to form a committee that organized the event bringing together teachers in every subject area. Sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Corporation and several businesses from the Lawrence County region, the idea behind a camp like this is to “empower educators to maximize professional learning experiences and peer networks.”

After spending the first session in department meetings with peers from across the county, teachers had the option of selecting a session to suit their needs. The options sessions that addressed best-practices which included

  • special education strategies

  • technical applications

  • Google platform

  • classroom management

Our Restaurant Trades students were greatly thanked for their contributions of home-made chocolate chip cookies and their famous chocolate-dipped strawberries.

In the weeks to come, students across the county and at LCCTC may see these Ed Camp best practice strategies put to good use in their classrooms and shops.

Carolyn McVickerEd Camp