Aim Small; Miss Small: Eagle Archery Team 2019

by Tabatha Zang, senior Veterinary Assistant

Breathe. Inhale and exhale. Keep your eyes on the target, knock your arrow.

Breathe. Draw back, inhaling, aim at the target.

Breathe. Release, exhaling, repeat.

As the LCCTC Archery Team readied themselves their Friday competition on February 22,  these are the simple little things going through their heads as they shoot.

Caleb Grim put it all into perspective:  "[For the first round,] we practiced hard and shot hard; our hard work paid off.”

Caleb continues:  “But now its time for states, we need to practice harder and shoot stronger than before. We are reaching for the stars this tournament."

Senior Austin Campbell has a simple plan as state competition quickly approaches:  “This is my last year to compete with this team” he states, “I have learned as much as I can, so I am deciding to enjoy it while it lasts.”

“I love the feeling I get when I see the arrow flying through the air and into the target. It’s a feeling like no other, you almost can’t explain it,” says senior Trenton Yale.  

Everyone who shoots a bow will agree. The feeling you get seeing the arrow fly through the air into the yellow area on the target is like no other. A feeling of confidence and pride is intoxicating that it makes the archers want to do better each time you shoot.

And just six days later, the results of their first round have been announced…

Congratulations to the LCCTC Eagle Archer Team who will be traveling to Penn State University to compete in the NASP Archery State Championships on March 8th.

Dane Simpkins is excited to compete: “We’ve got a good group of kids, and a good chance of success!”

When you see these Eagle Archers, give them a big pat on the back and wish the good luck!

  • Bobby Anthony

  • Austin Campbell

  • Braden Durban

  • Jason Ealy

  • Caleb Grim

  • Noah Held

  • Marilyn Knechtel

  • Ryan Locke

  • Angelica Lofton

  • Bri McCollums

  • Kyle Michaels

  • Jake Runyan

  • Christian Seinkner

  • Dane Simpkins

  • Jared Snyder

  • Julian Vogan

  • Robert Walters

  • Trenton Yale

  • Tabatha Zang

Good luck Eagle Archers! Aim small; miss small!

Carolyn McVickerArcher, Eagle