Preparing for Tomorrow

by Eagle Staff

We’re shouting it from the rooftops: LCCTC prepares students for tomorrow!

Here’s just one more way we’re doing this with our kids: Dual Enrollment classes! While still here in school, our students have not only been able to to take courses that count toward both their regular high school graduation requirements; twenty-nine kids have also earned 87 total credits toward their college degrees! Many of our kids will be able to enter college with a complete semester out of the way — and for a fraction of the cost!

In our most recent Dual Enrollment news, if you see the following students, congratulation them achieving the scores necessary to begin or even continue their college studies for the Intermediate Algebra course: Linsey Watson, Andrew Shaffer, Claire Brandes, Amiyah Little, Bailey Eaton, Bridget Allen, and Emilee Wynn. What you have done is quite an accomplishment! Way to go!

Students interested in taking the Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Ancient History, and Speech Dual Enrollment courses next year should contact the guidance office for more details! Great Job Students!!!

Carolyn McVickerDE