2019 District Competition Results

by Tabatha Zang, senior Veterinarian Assistant

With the exception of the buzz about the impending “Snowmageddon 2019” looming in the forecast, this early Friday morning seemed like any other Friday morning for most. But for fifty-nine Lawrence County Career and Technical Center students, it was a very important day.

On January 18, 2019, members of the Lawrence County CTC Chapter of SkillsUSA woke up early and got ready for the big day planned at the District 10 Championships at the New Castle School of Trades. All are equally nervous to compete, but they were ready to face their fears -- ready to come out on top -- ready to do their best, even if they didn’t win. Many thoughts and emotions raced through their minds, but they held their heads high, and with a smile, they never let it show how truly nervous they were.

The Opening and Closing team were ready to start competitions with the emblem ceremony, nervous themselves because of the crowd, but knowing they would do well because, just like each competitor, they knew that preparation is key. After the ceremony, Trenton Yale, president of the team began the day’s events by stating this:  “We would like to thank all of the adults who worked hard to put all of this together and we’d like to say, ‘Good luck’ to each District 10 competitor.” After all -- good sportsmanship is the very nature of an organization like SkillsUSA.

And then — it was time. The excitement was almost palpable as competitors were called to compete.  As each competition was called, you could see competitors give a nervous glance back to their friends, gather their tools for competition, and exit the gathering room as they listened  to their friends call, “Good luck!”

Every NCST hallway was filled with a sea of red-jacketed competitors nervously excited for the call to be the next to compete. As they finished, they didn’t go home; friends remained to cheer on their classmates. Each could empathize, and in this atmosphere, they all become friends cheering each other to do the very best. Riley Leonard was quick to realize this: “SkillsUSA is about being able to meet and compete with other kids as passionate about their future careers as I am!”

Trenton Yale agrees as he observes, “The ability to meet with other kids my age that I might never have met if I didn’t go is what drives me to compete in SkillsUSA.”

LCCTC competitors work very hard to prepare for this point of the competition; many set their sights on pushing through their own first-time competition jitters -- all skills which can translate to real-life experiences!.

And once the competition is over — after all the stress was gone, it was now the lessons brought about by the need to be patient. Judges have to tally scores, and organizers check and double-check the results. Advisers patiently wait for detailed score sheets so they can help anxious students to analyze the results. LCCTC students know that learning from mistakes is the key to becoming better in their trade.  Patience and learning from mistakes are also life-long skills learned in SkillsUSA. As Colin Powell states, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Scott Burgin has been preparing for District Competition ever since he heard about it in his sophomore year.  “At first, I was nervous; this was my first time competing in culinary, but once I got set up and started cooking, I felt confident in myself; I just focused on the lessons I’ve learned from Ms. Price in RT and did my very best.”

Julia Williams also knows that this journey wasn’t made alone.  “I had a lot of guidance from my shop teachers and friends in shop who helped me prepare.  I’m so very excited to prepare for states and am grateful for the chance to compete!”

Students were dedicated to getting done what needed get done to succeed in competition. Though she is excited to move on to state championships, Linsey Watson was aware of this when she said, “Knowing that all of the tears, preparation, and hard work paid off is way better than winning a medal.” She is also grateful to the teachers and friends who helped her earn that gold.  

LCCTC’s SkillsUSA Advisors are proud to announce the 2019 medalists from the SkillsUSA District 10 Championships:  

Gold Medalists (will advance to compete at the state level in Hershey in April):

  • Brandon Bright (MHS) ~ Health Occupation Portfolio

  • Scott Burgin (NC) ~ Culinary Arts

  • Trevor Cunningham (EC) ~ CNC Technician

  • Adam Georgia (SHS) ~ Related Technical Math

  • Noah Jackson (MHS) ~ Technical Computer Applications

  • Noah James (NC) ~ Industrial Motor Control

  • Cody Marks (NHS) ~ Electrical Construction

  • Mollie Rader (MHS) ~ First Aid/CPR

  • Linsey Watson (Slippery Rock) ~ Job Skill Demonstration Other

  • Julia Williams (EC) ~ Nurse Assisting

  • Gianna Bochert (MHS), Shelby Keister (UHS), Riley Leonard (WHS), Jaden Locke (EC), Alyssa Wilson (WHS), Trenton Yale (NC), and Tabatha Zang (EC) ~ Opening and Closing Team

Silver Medalists:

  • Jacob Alfano (NC) ~ CNC Mill

  • Claire Brandes (EC)  ~ Cosmetology

  • Jason Ealy (MHS) ~ Auto Service Technician

  • Liz Edinger (EC) ~ Restaurant Service

  • Amiyah Little (NC) ~ Basic Health Care

  • Ryan Locke (EC) ~ Employment Application

  • Tomiann McCowin (NHS) ~ Nurse Assisting

  • Joshua Soom (LHS) ~ Welding

Bronze Medalists:

  • Caryn Brandes (EC) ~ Medical Math

  • Aven Fernandez (WHS), Neil Kennedy (LHS), and Tyler Upperman (LHS) ~ Automated Manufacturing Tech Team

  • Amelia Hogue (EC) ~ Prepared Speech

  • Jason Houk (EC), Dillan Sedwick (EC), and Tyler Wehman (EC) ~ Welding Fabrication Team

  • Jessica Kelly (EC) ~ Basic Health Care

  • Kyle Michaels (EC) ~ CNC Turning

  • Shane Price (EC) ~ Precision Machine

  • Maddy Ritter (EC) ~ Nail Care

  • Christian Seinkner (NHS) ~ Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

Brandon Bright is excited. “I didn’t know what to expect competing in SkillsUSA. Never in a million years would I think of achieving first place at districts, but with the help from both my shop teachers, Mr.Pavia and Mrs. O’Donnell — a big thank you for providing me all of the opportunities to gather so much experience, along with weeks of hard work and dedication for my preparation, my dream became a reality. States — here I come!”

This years’ District 10 Competition was like no other; every year the outcomes are different. Here’s good advice to remember -- whether it’s competing in SkillsUSA or living each day of our lives:  Don’t let a loss get to you; get back up, dust off the dirt, and try again. Don’t give up until you get what you want. Proudly earning a gold medal in her third year of competition, Mollie Rader refused to give up.  Her advice to others: “Don’t give up until you reach your goals.”

This advice can be taken by the twenty-three students headed to Hershey for the SkillsUSA PA State Championships in April.  We wish them good luck as they continue to prepare for the next level of competition!

To read more about SkillsUSA at LCCTC, click HERE.