#TeamPav: JDRF Fundraiser Ziti Dinner

by Cailin Lyons, VA junior

On November 3rd, Mr. Pavia organized a Ziti Dinner to raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes Research in the community.  All profits were donated to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Hundreds of community members gathered in the cafeteria at Lawrence County CTC to enjoy a delicious dinner, chat with friends and family, and support Mr. Pavia and his quest to make Juvenile Diabetes Type One become “Type None.”  

Representative Chris Sainato was on hand to show support, as well.  “Anything for Vince,” he stated. “I’ve known him for a long time.” Rep. Sainato continued to say that it was a privilege to be here to support Mr. Pavia and this cause.

Also in attendance were children and young adults who are currently living with juvenile diabetes.  In the past, diabetics need to test their blood levels after every meal and snack. However, with advancements in research allowing an insulin pump, diabetics no longer need to prick their finger every time they test; a sensor recognizes a need.  They no longer need to inject insulin; a pump does that work for them.

A juvenile diabetic himself, Mr. Pavia was diagnosed twenty-two years ago.  So many advancements have been made in this short period of time -- thanks to the generous donations of so many who gave to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  “Imagine what it will look like 22 years from now?” considers Mr. Pavia. “This was why I wanted to do a part in finding research for Type 1 Diabetes.”

Type one to type none seems so simple to achieve when actually some struggle with it every day. “Dealing with JD is hard,” Stormy Fielly (EO senior) comments, “but over time, it gets to become a part of a daily routine.” A student struggling with it herself, Stormy has had it most of her life and still encounters daily trials; however, with the advancement over the years, living with JD has become a lot easier.

“Seeing how many people came out and supported this cause was really great,”  recalls Mr. Pavia. “Even a few of my students even came out to help.”

HA senior, Katie Dillan was among the volunteers.  “Seeing how many people came to support my teacher was amazing.  It inspired me to know that even one person can truly make a difference, and I was glad I could help.”

“When he called for volunteers,” reflects HA junior, Brandon Bright, “I had no hesitation.  I knew I should be there to help, and I’m glad I did!”

In addition to help from friends, family, and students who helped gather donations, setup, serve, and clean up, Mr. Pavia felt the generosity of the community including Butz Flowers who donated fresh flowers for centerpieces and The Copy Shop who donated all of the tickets.   Lawrence County Career and Technical Center generously donated the venue, and Officer Zach Preisel served as resident security and general helper at large.  

Local eateries generously provided menu items:  Gallo’s Italian Village contributed meatballs, Ruby Tuesday donated salad, Pagley’s Pasta & More and Tuscany Square Ristorante donated pasta, Two Fat Guys and an Oven donated bread, and Bill’s Bake Shop supplied cake.  Family and friends also pitched in with donations: Raelynn Cook donated sauce, Rick and Debbie Deblasio and the Yeropoli family donated cake.  

Also giving monetary gifts were the following businesses:  Capital A Investments, Compassionate Care Home Helpers Inc, David A Domenick Insurance Investments, Doran Construction, Tom Dean Insurance Solution Group, Ed and Don DeCarbo Funeral Home, Michael Krarup Financial Advisor, Panella Brothers, Preston Motors, and Walmart.

Generous monetary donations from friends and families helped round out the event:  The Lyons family, Butz Flowers, Dan and Judy Martwinski, Don and Dana Prejsnar, Dr. Paul Wawrzynski II, Dr. Sharon Miller, Frank Fraschetti & family, Dr. Lynn A Colaiacovo, MD., The Vanasco Family, Brad and Angela Olsen, Dr. Richard Micco, Rich Litrenta & Family, and Leah Cozza.  

Mr. Pavia is so incredibly thankful for all who came out to assist with this dinner.  “Something like this can never be a one-man-show. None of this would have happened without the generosity of so many, and I’m grateful to each!”