"Thank You" YMCA

~ by Eagle Staff

LCCTC continues to maintain a wonderful partnership with the New Castle Community YMCA, and to that we say, "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" 

This year, the Y contacted our Director, Mr. Leonard Rich, with a proposition: If we would help them rearrange their weight room to house their new equipment, in return, they would make a donation!  Because of this deal, we were able to add to LCCTC's already well-stocked workout facility two "new to us" treadmills!  

Thanks to the muscle of Dylan Janiel (Weld senior, Mohawk), Domenik Ritter (CA senior, Ellwood), Wyatt Butler (Weld junior, Ellwood), and Cody Gabauer (Weld junior, Mohawk) who assisted the Y in rearranging their weight room and making room in our workout space to place this equipment! 

This gift allows our students even more access to healthy opportunities during physical education!  

Thank you, New Castle Community YMCA!  We really do appreciate all you do for us and our community!