Senior Class of 2019’s First Last Field Trip: Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Night

Heather Burns and Tomiann McCowin

It’s that time of year when nightmares come to real life -- Well, at least at Kennywood they do!! On October 7th, over two dozen seniors visited Kennywood in West Mifflin for Fright Night! There are many haunted attractions in Pennsylvania, the competition is hard to beat like Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Nights.  As the Class of 2019’s first last field trip, Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Night, was was certainly a night to remember.

Kennywood is known for going “all out” during the holidays, and no event seems to be more fun than the Phantom Fright Nights.

Senior, Kenzie Nye, said “the trip was actually a lot of fun; a couple times I actually did get scared!”

Inside the spooky scares, Kennywood rebuilds itself into a magical theme park of horrors with haunted houses, many scare zones, and so many terrifically terrifying rides! Just when you think you’re safe, ghouls and ghosts follow behind to catch you surprised! The most die-hard horror-seeking seniors ghouled around at Fight Night and got all the scares!

The lines for the rides were swift, and LCCTC’s seniors got to ride almost every ride!  Whether you’re a senior, junior, or sophomore, students at LCCTC are highly encouraged to get involved in the extra-curricular activities.  Activities like this are really what’s made the time at LCCTC a lot of fun. Though they enjoy learning their trades and love the day-to-day goings-on at school, it’s at events like this where LCCTC students really get to enjoy their time spent with friends and to just go have fun!   

“As a senior of the Class of 2019, I will continue to go on school trips like this until I graduate,” states Tomiann McCowin. “I will treasure the memories with the other students and for sure the great laughs we all share!”  

Along with the members of the Class of 2019, much thanks goes to all of the teachers and staff who made this Kennywood trip possible! These dedicated professionals made it a night to remember!  Thanks also goes the Administration for permitting LCCTC’s seniors to take this trip! Senior year will be the best year yet because of all of you! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunities to go on these amazing trips!

Tomiann goes on to say, “We are so thankful for everything everyone has done for us since day-one; we can not wait to see what is in store for us next!