"Spooky Season": SkillsUSA Costume Day

Cassidy Reich, junior HA

Now that “Spooky Season” has passed, let’s look back on all of the fun that we had — because you’re never too old to have a little child-like fun!

As for favorite Halloween candy? You can pass along all of the Snickers bars to Alexa Clouse, but Deasia Waters chose well — few tend to enjoy coconut, so sort out all the Almond Joy bars and give them to her.

What can a teen do for good, clean fun just before Halloween? LCCTC’s senior class took a trip to Phantom Fright Nights at Kennywood, and the sophomore class traveled to Cheeseman’s for their dose of scary fun. Juniors Alexa Clouse and Cassidy Reich went to the Thirteen Levels of Fear at Conneaut Lake Park! While Alyssa Wilson stayed home to pass out candy, Ashley Reich spent her last year as an official student to Trick-or-Treat.

This year, more LCCTC students than ever participated in SkillsUSA Costume Day! Their thoughts? Almond Joy-loving Deasia Waters stated, “It makes me happy and gives me a positive spirit to start the holiday seasons.”

“Students kept it rained in, and I really appreciate that,” stated Principal Milanovich. “We continued to learn in spite of having a wizard or a walking avocado in the classroom. It’s good to see that our kids had some good, clean fun.” By the look on everyone’s faces in the pictures below, you can see that this was true for so many!

SkillsUSA Spirit Week organizers, Jaden Locke and Tabatha Zang had a great time making sure kids could have a lot of fun this week. Though Mismatch Day, Twin Day, Tie Dye Day, and the Hat & Sweatpants Day, were lots of fun, the highlight hit in the middle of the week with Costume Day on Halloween. Great job, SkillsUSA!

There are a lot of activities teens could do to celebrate this Spooky Season, but thanks to SkillsUSA Spirit Week — especially Costume Day, our students seemed to really embrace the chance to do just that!