A Tribute to "The Legend": Gary Sperdute

by Steve Akins

On Monday, September 24th, LCCTC legend Gary Sperdute suddenly passed away. Though it may feel as if his passing has left an empty space in our hearts, he may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. A masonry teacher for 22 years, he will be remembered forever by LCCTC students and faculty, alike.  

Able to continue the dynasty left to him by his father, retired Masonry Instructor, Felix Sperdute, it was clear that Mr. Gary Sperdute’s students will sorely miss him.  

With a smile, masonry student Justin Ettinger has tagged Mr Sperdute as, “Very interesting.” He also remembers, “It was always clear that Mr. Sperdute wanted nothing but the very best for us; he had high expectations and wanted each of us to succeed.”  

Brock Newman, junior Mason, voiced, “I loved him; he was an awesome teacher who loved and cherished his students.”

Mr. Sperdute clearly made a positive impact on his students.  Last year as a junior, Calvin Lample won the SkillsUSA Masonry district competition allowing him to move on to state competition in Hershey; currently continuing his training while on co-op, Calvin remembers this:  “Sperdute was the go-to guy for help, whether it was masonry or someone to talk to. Even if we disagreed, he'd call me into his office to remind me that if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t correct me.

“He was more than just a teacher,’ Lample states.  “He was family.”

Notorious for his robust sense of humor, Mr. Neve adds that his most memorable time with Mr. Sperdute was when " 'Sperdut' wanted to learn to play racquetball; if that wasn't funny enough, after the workout -- mostly spent in laughter, he always begged to go and grab dessert! He was a real character."  Many staff members can claim similar stories to share with a smile.

Mr. Rich rich states that “Mr. Sperdute built and expanded upon the legacy of his father, Felix. He was liked and respected by all those who knew him, and the students who had him in class have been profoundly touched by this tragedy.

We take solace in the good and lasting work that Mr. Sperdute did during his tenure at LCCTC,” continues Mr. Rich.  “The results of his outstanding tenure and his influence on students will continue to live on beyond his lifetime. Mr. Sperdute’s students, in a very real sense, are monuments to his life and dreams.”

As we remember this man and all of the incredible impact he has made for our school and on the people who served with him, we remember Mr. Sperdute with a broad smile. Mr. Sperdute was not just a masonry teacher; he was a great man, a great citizen, and a great mentor.

Mr. Sperdute, also known as “The Legend,” will live on in LCCTC history.  “Gone but not forgotten.”