Program of Study: Veterinary Assistant

CIP Code: 51.0808


Mrs. Ariel Yanak

Veterinary Assistant



LCCTC Veterinary Assistant Program

Pet Grooming @ LCCTC

Minimum Prerequisites: 1 Math, 1 Science, 1 Language Arts

Career Focus Statement

  • Transform your love of animals into a rewarding career using nursing, surgical, and animal care skills.

Program Goals

  • Successfully transition into a 1st career job and/or related post-secondary training.

  • Be proficient in their career major and demonstrate proficiency through hands-on performance and theoretical testing.

Program Description

  • Experience the reward of caring for animals in a clinical setting.

  • Practice customer service and professional ethics when interacting with patients, clients, and coworkers.

  • Explore the science of veterinary medicine including animal care/control, grooming, clinical procedures/terminology, and disease prevention.

  • Interact daily with animals while working side by side with certified professionals.

  • Opportunity to work on your own and staff pets.

  • Assist local animal shelters in their efforts to care for and find homes for neglected pets.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Veterinary Assistant

  • Animal Caretaker

  • Animal Trainer

  • Groomer Assistant

  • Kennel Assistant

  • Veterinary Receptionist

  • Groomer

  • Continue on to Post Secondary Schooling for Veterinarian Technician