The masonry course includes a wide variety of experiences through which students are taught proper procedures, work methods, and an appreciation of skillful performance by the worker. Instruction is organized to teach skills in the handling of tools, equipment, and materials. Repetitive exercises are used to develop accuracy, neatness, and speed. Students acquire experience in analyzing and solving problems encountered in the trade.

The masonry course is a three-year program that consists of activities which prepare students to become skilled crafts people who are able to construct walls, partitions, chimneys, etc. with brick and masonry materials in both commercial and residential building. Students are taught how to coordinate masonry work with other building trades.

This course stresses the correct and safe use of all tools, equipment and machinery, as well as the essentials of good masonry. Related instruction in blueprint reading, principles of building construction, interpretation of specifications, and estimating will prepare the student to become a potential mason.